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Beijing Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. (Beijing Triumph) is a comprehensive first-class building materials design company with Class A engineering design and consultation qualifications, integrated with engineering consultation, engineering design, development of technology and equipment, complete equipments and general contracting etc.

Beijing Triumph, co-founded by China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CTIEC) and China Building Materials Academy (CBMA), was registered in Beijing, has been under management system of CTIEC and taken full advantage of rich scientific & research fruits from CBMA, which makes her stronger and more competitive under the strong-strong cooperation.

Beijing Triumph, with nearly one hundred professionals and rich experiences on engineering design and project management, has won national and industrial excellent design award and project management award for many times.

Beijing Triumph and her predecessor, as the founder of cement precalcining technology in China, the pioneer of experimental & industrial tests of the technology in China and the developer of the first oil/coal-burning precalcining cement plant in China, has unique advantages in technology and environments for development and research on technology and equipment of cement precalcining production .

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