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Beijing Triumph, as the founder of cement precalcining technology and the pioneer of experimental and industrial testing of the technology in China as well as the designer of the first precalcining production line with oil and coal burning in China, has unique technology and environmental advantages for research & development in technology and equipments of cement precalcining production.

  Beijing Triumph, based on introduction and digestion, has developed innovative RSP technology and equipments with high-efficiency, energy-saving and widely-used characters.

  1)Unique design of precalciner and burner.
  Making burning efficient, without other type precalciner and equipped with separate root blowers for mixing and scattering pulverized coal with cool wind.
  2~3% of heat consumption lower than other precalcinig production lines of the same capacity by increasing the utilization rate of tertiary air (900℃ above).

  2)Unique structure of precalciner.
  Making RSP’s fuels burnt in pure high-temperature air and making the system successfully adaptable to low-grade coals with lower volatile such as anthracite and lignite etc.

  RSP, having strong adaptability to production lines at high altitude and with low-grade fuels and industrial slag, has huge potentialities in further technological development and utilization of industrial slag.

  Beijing Triumph has developed technology and equipments of 8 different scales from 1000t/d to 5000t/d, which have been put into practice.

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